Craig Alix

Worship & Discipleship pastor

I grew up in Rhode Island and have been leading corporate worship for the past 18 years. In late November of 2015, I accepted the call to become the Minister of Worship and Discipleship at Calvary. I am married to Katie and have a son named Theodore and a daughter named Cambelle. They are the three loves of my life, and we look forward to what God has in store through our ministry together at Calvary. 

I believe and teach that worshipping God goes way beyond the four walls of a Sunday morning worship service. It’s a lifestyle! In John 4, when Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well about how the Father is seeking those who will worship in Spirit and Truth, Jesus gives us the simple answer to what it means to be a true worshipper. In this particular passage, Jesus states that “God is Spirit and we must worship the Father in Spirit and Truth!” In John 14:6, Jesus proclaims that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life!” 

So, if God is Spirit and if Jesus is God and proclaims that He is the Truth, then all we need to do is follow God! For God is both Spirit and Truth! I believe that my responsibility as a worship leader (and discipleship pastor) is not only to be an example of a true worshipper, but to inspire, train, and lead others to follow God and become fully devoted followers of Christ!