clife groups

cLife Groups are individual small groups made up of like minded people who are growing together as they pursuit to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Even though each cLife Group is different in size, culture, and interests, our main mission is unity and consistency in content. Every group continues the discussion from Sunday's message through what is called the Talk It Over notes.

There are groups that...

  • meet every week and every other week
  • are catered to families with kids
  • are catered to families whose kids who are out of the house
  • are for men
  • are for women
  • are for couples
  • are for individuals
  • are for the broken, the lonely, and the forgotten

At Calvary, we believe that we have been designed for and long for community. 

We believe that real life change happens in the context of relationships. 

Real life change happens in cLife Group!

We are currently working on creating new cLife Groups, 

so stay tuned!