crown financial services

Leader: Gary Cororan


The Ministry ... Crown's vision is to see the followers of Christ in every nation faithfully living by God's financial principles in every area of their lives. CROWN believes that money is the language of the world, and God's word is the translation that leads to TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Crown is a ministry God uses to transform lives, reduce stress, improve marriages, and draw people closer to Christ. Crown resources are available for all ages. Crown Financial Studies and Crown Money Map Budget Coaches are available to help develop spending and debt-reduction plans. 

The church believes there is a tremendous need to help those who are struggling financially. The team, comprised of Troy Bowersock, Trey Stober and lead by Gary Corcoran, has a background in finance and feel lead to help meet this need by becoming Crown Budget coaches. 


Crown Money Map Budget Coaches are trained to look at your current spending plan and help you work towards a balanced spending plan, a budget. If you are someone who gets to the end of the month and find you run out of money before you run out of month, you may be in need of Budget coaching. We will pray with you, look at the Bible together to help you understand Biblical Stewardship and God’s expectations for how you use your money. 

Once the budget is agreed upon, we act as an accountability partner to you, help your budget to evolve and direct you towards other studies to keep you on the path out of financial bondage. WHAT TO EXPECT We will meet at the church for 1-2 hours for several sessions depending on your needs. This is a FREE SERVICE. You will have the opportunity to purchase 1-2 books. Your Information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. 

We will not be discussing your finances with anyone. If interested, contact the  CHURCH OFFICE to schedule a time to speak with us. More information can be found on Financial Ministries at Crown Financial's website at